Bluescampuk at Tonbridge School 24th to 26th July 2020 visit for details. 

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The Wandering Musician - 

I can travel to you and teach in your home which is ideal if you have children or you have problems getting to the office on Hadlow 

the lesson rate for this is £65 for the hour which covers my travel there is a dicount available which you can discuss with me.

Guitar lessons 1 2 1  at the office in Hadlow Kent 

You will need more than the chords and scales and the stuff that everyone else does to be a great guitarist and the thing is even though we call it ‘star quality’ or charisma we actually do not know how to find it in ourselves, well actually we do know how to find it but it will not be taught to you in Music college or by any ordinary guitar tutor.

Also the very skills that you need to make money in music will not be taught to you either and the reason I know that is that there are many guitarists who have just leftycollege who are teaching guitar and they are charging less than ANYONE else; where did they learn to do that!

So from the word go you will need all of these skills and many more to make the progress and make the success for yourself as a musician so if you really want to rock get in contact or 07976405561 for rates.


Lessons online via Skype, Zoom or Facetime 

Rates for lessons start at £25 for further details 

I have a number of special deals going for new pupils whihc include the Zero to Hero guitar video course available free for the lockdown period 

Contact me today for details




 Music and Creativity using NLP

This is an online series of lessons on skype ....


Teaching and negation skills for musicians and artists.
 Communication skills are the most important thing for you to master, with these you can put across your points in such a way that you can achieve more.
 NLP is a series of techniques that you can learn to improve your teaching, song writing and negations so that you can earn more and avoid many of the problems faced by artists dealing with others who because they are in business have some of these skills all ready.
 This is a one day course delivered in a simple and practical way without the deep theory just the day to day uses of the techniques but with an understanding of why they work so that you can modify, adapt and maybe create your own techniques and style of using the NLP models.
The course is led by Vic Hyland who is a Master Practitioner of NLP and has used this every day in his work to great effect. Normally an NLP course would cost hundreds of pounds but Vic is keen to get this information out to musicians. This is a time that skills like this can be of great benefit and could be the difference between you getting by or making a great success of what you do.
The course will cover many aspects including;
How the mind stores information.
Eye accessing cues to help you ‘read’ the thought processes of others
How to embed ideas into your conversation.
Use of hypnotic language, which is useful for song writing as well as negotiation.
How to be aware of language patterns being used on you
Timelines, time distortion
Modelling successful people.

And much more…………

The price is £199 and there is a discounted price for early payment so contact me today to discuss and book your place.




Want to earn money from playing and teaching maybe you want to earn more?
Now is your chance!

Making money from Music ...

This is online contact me for details 
Over forty years of experience in music and running my own teaching practice. Now I am going to show you how to make money from music. In that time I have taught thousands of people, I exam here and abroad, I write books and promote my musical interests. I have learnt many things in that time that are not found in books, the tricks of the trade if you will. They are the communication skills, the marketing ideas the business techniques that make the difference between it being a hobby and making money.
This has been motivated in part by the economic climate because a few of my pupils have asked me so they can make money and I thought it was time that I put this information out.
You might be thinking to yourself ‘ I could go and buy a book about this’, and you could but I does not get to the real facts and points that I cover in the seminar because a book can only go so far. In this seminar I cut to the chase and pack the information in for you not only that you will become part of a network so you can share ideas and ask questions.
My other fascination apart from music is that of business and marketing and I have read literally hundreds of books and listened to hours and hours of talks on business and marketing. I have interviewed successful businessman and then written a book on the subject.
For me running a successful business as a musician is down to the business and not the music because you could be the best but if no one knows you or you are a bad communicator you will not succeed.
You may know many great bedroom musicians, you may be one yourself but I want you to go out into the outside world and make money!
Now because the economic climate is tough it also means paradoxically that you have an opportunity to start or develop your business and because you have to think about pricing and value you will have a stronger business for it.
For those of you already earning money from music this seminar will be able to help you lock your musical skills together to make more. This is a skill that I am good at because I had to be and I learnt the hard way so take the opportunity to learn from the thousands of pounds of my investment and get yourself increasing your income.
We will cover these and many other points…
How to set up as a teacher
What you need to get started
How to get into teaching at schools.
Do I need a teaching diploma?
Book keeping and tax information
How to advertise ... For free
How to increase 'share of wallet'
Lesson Ideas, making them inspiring and original.
Writing reports.
Getting gigs to pay in more ways
How performing and teaching can develop one another and increase your cash flow
How to think as a businessperson not a hobbyist
How to price your product
Set up courses
Sell online
Teach on the Internet .. And much more

I have over the years invested £1000's in training and study and all your investment will be is £199 in something that will generate increased income.

Contact me to book your place.


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