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The Wandering Musician - 

I can travel to you and teach in your home which is ideal if you have children or you have problems getting to the office on Hadlow .

Contact me for details 07976 405561 or

Guitar lessons 1 2 1  at the office in Hadlow Kent 

You will need more than the stuff that everyone else does to be a great guitarist.  Even though we call it ‘star quality’ or charisma, we do know how to find it and it will not be taught to you in a music college or by any ordinary guitar tutor because there is a psychological component. 

The very skills that you need to make money in music will not be taught to you either.

So from the word go you will need all of these skills and many more to make progress and become successful as a musician, so if you really want to rock get in contact or 07976405561 for rates.


Pre-Exam Help for Guitar Exams

Sometimes you need a little bit of extra help before doing your music exams.

Whether that's for the LCME, Associated Board, Trinity or Guildhall. Having an examiner run through your pieces and work with you can give you valuable extra confidence and marks.

This can be online or in person.

Contact me for further details, and for some examination boards, I have extra resources that can help you. 


Lessons online via Skype, Zoom or Facetime 

I have a number of special deals going for new pupils whihc include the Zero to Hero guitar video course available free for the lockdown period 

Contact me today for details 07976405561 

Here are some stories of pupils of people like you 

Henry 14year old 

I want to achieve musical knowledge of the instrument and how to play correctly in all aspects and genres of music
I find it very frustrating when I can't have access to a music facility such as gear space and being able to have the guitar plugged in when I practice.
Before being taught, I used to learn from family members and the Internet. Also would work things out until this they sounded okay.


Charlie is a 16-year-old future be a rockstar.
He's got a few good ideas but is full of desire to learn. He desperately wants to be better than all of his mates
His parents have bought him a reasonably good guitar and an amp, but he is desperate to get that Gibson Les Paul, although that is out of his price range. 
However, if he works hard enough, he is sure that his family will give him enough money over time to fulfil his dream so that he can do his world tour.
The challenge for Charlie is balancing his school work with his school exams. 
"I want to achieve the skills to become a professional musician, playing a lot of gigs and recording albums; that's what I want to do as a career, making a living from music by releasing songs and playing in a band. 
The most frustrating thing about playing the guitar is probably the hours and hours of practice you have to put in.
Nobody instantly picks up a guitar I can shred like Van Halen! These things take years and years of practice, commitment and passion, which make long, tedious hours of scales but all worth it".
"I tried to learn a few basic chords at the beginning before I had lessons, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with the guitar.
The most frustrating thing is not knowing what to do next and what would be the most helpful thing to do, and whether or not I'm working on to help me improve.
Before lessons, I watched tutorials on YouTube on playing songs, and sometimes I tried to work out things by listening to recordings. It wasn't that interesting or fulfilling for me at first. This all changed with a teacher. 


Chris is 30 years old, and he's been playing the guitar since he was a teenager. However, life has got in the way. He went to university, earned his degree., got a good job, found a wife, got a house, but he's desperate to pick up the guitar again and sort out his playing.
Music is a way for him to unwind. He has got a stressful job, and something that helps him decompress is perfect for him, and he knows that music helps achieve this.
The Challenge for Chris is finding time between work and family. 
"I'd like to achieve confidence and self-belief passionate judgement with performing skills stagecraft singing and songwriting techniques."
The frustrations are finding the time, prioritising, motivation, and relatability. Before lessons, I used to follow YouTube videos and Netflix documentaries and Podcasts.



Steve is a 50-year-old born-again guitarist. He only has the same few chords that he's had for the last 30 years, a little bit of lead guitar a couple of scales, but he has now got the time to learn. The other thing that he always wanted, along with the Harley Davidson, is a Les Paul.
Steve sees the value of playing music and wishes that he kept it going over the years. He wonders is he too old to learn? 
"In my experience, and I have doodled about with guitar playing for many years, you can learn tunes, chords, etc. Without the correct type of tuition, you can be playing in candlelight rather than in daylight! I have found you have switched lights on for me and made me hear the space between notes - the real 'light bulb moment, if you will, was the concept of the guitar as an orchestra that was a crystal moment !!! 
I wanted to release the musical flow within pleasant economic sounds of not just having a structure, but to know why they sound good and where they should be. I love the idea of free-flowing jamming with others and the joy you can bring, whether it's just another with another person or a band. I don't necessarily want to mimic, but to see the real virtue in being able to do that, there is some incredible music out there!
My frustrations, I've been playing the guitar since 18 years old, and I use it to strum some chords when I just need some thinking time, just when I'm pondering stuff. I get comfort from music as I don't like discord. I've just had the confidence to take it further and wish to develop smooth left-hand transitions. I remember school report years ago saying that learning can be fun if tackled right. Since meeting Vic have enjoyed the understated way he gets you to learn, and he has given me new enthusiasm; the more music you play, the better you get. I wish I'd made more space in my life for prioritising learning music when younger; that's a big miss. 
Before lessons, I just played for personal indulgence and relaxation. As a person in the creative field of architecture, you're constantly having to prove yourself, serving others – performing if you will. I thought I quite liked the solitary content just taking away the responsibilities – realised I've missed out on a lot of fun; I just didn't make the time.
My partner listened to me for years. She was saying you should get some lessons, so you can focus on the feeling you get when you play. We had some fun messing around, jamming with my guitar and her piano. Still, unbeknownst to me, she spoke to a friend and booked some lessons with Vic. 
I've got to say I was apprehensive when I went off to my first lesson; however, I was pleased that he could observe and guide me very quickly, tuning in and understanding me as an individual. He helped me find the time and organise my practice, as the space between the lessons is critical for learning. 







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