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When you see someone playing guitar on TV with some of the greats like Adele or maybe you are watching a musical like School of Rock do you ever ask yourself how they got there? The answer is simple; they had lessons.


For many it starts as a dream and then as the years go by they get so good that they end up joining bands and then being asked to play for people and then for some they end up working for the greatest talents of the age.

For others an instrument like the guitar is the great source of fun that adds something of great value to them as either a hobby, or a job or a stream of income extra to their other work but the guitar is one of the greatest and coolest instruments around.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd and add something to your learning have guitar lessons!

Oh if you want to know who Adele’s guitarist is? It is Ben Thomas, and the guy who played Dewey Finn in the London production of School of Rock was Alex Tomkins and their teacher? It was me Vic Hyland so have lessons. You never know where it will lead you.

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As a professional guitarist and teacher for the last forty plus years and an NLP master practitioner for the last fifteen I am working to help others learn to play guitar and be creative.


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