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Vic Hyland is nationally known for his educational work with the guitar and his research on creativity in music. He is also an international examiner for LCM Exams. He has also had a considerable influence on many up-and-coming musicians by nurturing new talent and delivering his regular lectures on the music business. These include the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. His interest in consciousness and creativity has led to the books Art of Practice, Art of Creativity, Notes on Business and Music, Magic and NLP, which is due for release in July.

Vic is also a director of '440 Music Ltd', a company that teaches guitar to group classes.

Apart from teaching the guitar, Vic hosts the podcast Creative, which interviews many creative people and ideas. Many of these ideas of fit into the music, summer school, Bluescampuk and Ikaro Music which helps various ages learn to play, write songs and perform in a band.

Make the most of 50 years of professional experience to help you to achieve.



I started having lessons with Vic from the age of eight until I went to the Brit School at the age of 16 and in that time I built my technique and knowledge of the instrument, song writing and performance. He encouraged me to gig with him from an early age and we also did seminars and lectures for the RGT in places like the London guitar show which was fun.


I have made a successful career in music because of Vic life would have been very different without those lessons!


Ben Thomas Guitarist- Adele and Sam Smith


Vic played a pivotal part in my early guitar education teaching me the foundations initially and then building up through the grades. Every lesson was engaging and interesting, with a real relevance to current music. I reached the point where I started to take a real interest in song writing and Vic then taught me invaluable techniques and structures to really advance my skills. Above it all I enjoyed my time with Vic and highly recommend him as a teacher, he is an awesome dude!"


Fred Clark singer songwriter


Vic is one hell of a brilliant guitar teacher. For adults and children alike. Really patient, encouraging and extremely skilful. Thoroughly recommended! Vic's lessons gave me the confidence and ability to work as a profession actor musician these last 14 years. I'm currently rocking out in The School of Rock and in my guitar solo, I use a riff that Vic taught me every single show.


Alex Tomkins West End Actor musician ‘School of Rock’ ‘The Commitments’


'If you want to burn then you've got to learn!' Vic is simply the master not just on his trusty Fender Stratocaster. I owe so much to Vic and continue to be very grateful to him. When I first started out playing for a living it was very tricky, it still is! I still seek Vic's guidance and help in areas of being a musician. One of the many qualities Vic has is the fact he is a visionary, he has the key to see the potential in people and help in situations that they are in. I and many others would not have had the drive or confidence to be a teacher or the player I am, if I had not had the opportunities through meeting Vic. Whether you want some recording sessions, lessons, or a gig, go and be a seeker and go and see Vic for yourself. You just never know what you may find. We were recently playing at a gig and after the gig, Vic said, 'that was Great!' The truth is, it always is with Vic. Cheers Vic for being an inspiration and all that you are.


Grant Tunbridge Musician and teacher


One of the best music teachers I know. Vic is a great organiser - in particular the annual Blues Camp weekend. He is also a great ambassador for educating both children and adults in the many different styles of music, offering support and encouragement. It is a pleasure to work with him.


Sam Kelly drummer


I’ve attended several of Vic Hyland’s training courses and seminars. The latest was NLP for Music, a one-day course. Anyone who has ever tried to get through one of the many NLP books on the market knows that this requires a major investment in time, which is a commodity that, like many today, I’m short of. In a single, enjoyable day, Vic put across many of the most important ideas of NLP, with a special emphasis on how they can be of use to musicians. I came away inspired to explore these ideas further, and to see how they can be used for my work. Vic is a very effective communicator, which must be proof of the efficacy of the very NLP techniques he covers in this course.


Pete Farrugia – guitarist teacher


Since working with Vic Hyland I have gained an enormous amount of Music knowledge. I am now a more confident musician have played in numerous bands, and with the right help and support I worked through to grade 8 in electric guitar.


Vic's guidance has been instrumental in getting me into teaching and I have obtained my Music Teaching Diploma in guitar and am now building a successful career as a teacher in a number of local schools.


Vic's insights, support and mentoring has been invaluable in developing my guitar playing, confidence and ambition to become an accomplished musician. I could not recommend him more highly as a tutor.


Denise Greenwood – guitarist teacher

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