Bluescampuk at Tonbridge School 24th to 26th July 2020 visit for details. 

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Vic Hyland is nationally known for his educational work with the guitar, and his research work into creativity in music.  He is also an international examiner for the Registry of Guitar Tutors.  He has also had a considerable influence on many up and coming musicians, through nurturing new talent and also delivering his regular lectures on the music business. These include the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming His interest in the consciousness and creativity area has led to the books Art of Practice, Art of Creativity and Notes on Business and the CD Creativity and Health that deals with the areas of learning and the problems with education within society.  Vic is also a director of '440 Music Ltd' a company that teaches guitar to group classes.                     

Over the years of playing and teaching guitar i have learnt that everyone has an ability to play and create music, it is our DNA literally.

Apart from teaching the guitar I run a number of music camps and blogs aimed at helping you to unlock the musician within.

This site also acts as a portal to other places with information books and software for you to be able to learn.

Make the most of my forty years of professional experience to help you to achieve.


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