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Available through the business training book 'Notes on Business- the music of business and the business of music' tells the story of an amatuer rock band who learn through playing and performing skills of creative thinking and team building that can be applied to business.

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The Single So Come On is out and available through Itunes a spotify as well as through me if you would like a physical item (the artwork is great) 

The album Snores for Courses will be ready for Christmas contact me for details of purchasing 


Gigs with Sticky Tyres visit

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Lessons on Skype or Facetime

Available for lessons to get you ready for the grade exam or Diploma sometimes it only takes one lesson to make all of the difference. Contact me to discuss what you need.





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Bluescampuk at Tonbridge School 26th to 28th July 2019 visit for details. I will be starting a membership section soon that will have interviews with people who will help you to develop your musical and business skills or follow me on twitter

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